Marketing Automation

HOWTO: Create tasks for campaign members in Zoho CRM

Situation Many of our customers are using Zoho CRM for account management. One part – e.g. for cross- and upselling – is accomplished by sales campaigns with the built-in campaign module. These campaigns are used for communicating with accounts e.g. regarding a special product or service. Once a campaign is planned by management the tasks…


HOWTO: Zoho CRM account tags for segmentation in Zoho MarketingHub

Situation Our customer is using Zoho CRM for their B2B customer processes. B2B communication (inbound and outbound) is executed via campaigns and journeys within Zoho MarketingHub. In CRM accounts are tagged to reflect their business and technical interests. These tags are used for segmentation and personalization in MarketingHub. When an account is tagged (e.g. for…


CRM und Marketing Automation mit Zoho: Leads, Kunden und mehr – alles aus einer Hand

Angstgegner des Mittelstands: CRM und Marketing Automation Wenn man der Statistik „Einsatz von CRM Software zur Erfassung von Kundendaten“ vom Jahreswechsel 2017 zu 2018 – was nicht in allzu weiter Vergangenheit liegt – Glauben schenkt, dann verwendeten damals weniger als 50% aller Unternehmen in Deutschland CRM zur Erfassung von Kundendaten. Details sind zwar nicht bekannt,…